IFRA 49th Amendment coming soon

IFRA 49th Amendment coming soon

The International Fragrance Association (IFRA) has recently announced the launch of the consultation on the IFRA Standards that will be part of the 49th Amendment. The consultation will close on July 21st, 2019 after which, depending on the outcome and comments received, IFRA will publish the newly revised standards around mid-August.

The 49th Amendment includes a full review of the existing IFRA classes resulting in this changing from 22 distinct “classes” across 11 “categories” to 16 distinct “classes” across 12 “categories”. At the heart of the changes is also a revised methodology of the Quantitative Risk Assessment for fragrance ingredients (referred to as QRA2).

Due to the scale of the changes, both in terms of the QRA2 and new IFRA categories, the implementation period is expected to be longer than usual. The timelines are part of the consultation and so subject to change but are currently quoted as more than one year (13 months) after publication for new creations and more than two years (25 months) after publication for existing fragrance compounds.

New IFRA certificate with the 49th Amendment will be mandatory for all fragrances and aromas used in cosmetic products in order to ensure the safety of the consumers, as now the “classes” and “categories” will be changed.

Cosmeservice- EU Responsible Person