6 May, 2021

Webinar: “International key tests for cosmetics. How to validate your products.”

Every cosmetic product placed on the market needs to undergo some tests before its launch. Not all products need the same tests, it depends on the product category and the…

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cosmetic regulation after brexit
29 April, 2021

The UK Regulation, The cosmetic regulation after BREXIT

Are you selling your cosmetic products in the UK? Have you already found your Responsible Person to sell your cosmetic products in the UK? We can help you with everything…

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cosmetic regulatory uk webinar
23 February, 2021

Webinar: All you need to know about Cosmetic Regulation in UK

Our team has prepared two webinars to make it very easy for you to have everything ready and avoid possible fines. We will give you practical information and very well…

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brexit responsible person
29 December, 2020

Cosmeservice opens an office in the UK to help companies cope with cosmetic regulation after BREXIT

Cosmeservice will also offer its services from Great Britain with the aim that cosmetic companies can have a Responsible Person in this country, as required by the new legislation after…

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28 December, 2020

SUNSCREENS. All you need to know about SPF and its compliance with EU requirements.

Do you want to avoid any inconvenience or problem with your SPF-PA certificate? Join our new webinar about SPF (Solar Protection Factor) and its compliance with EU requirements. Do you…

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20 November, 2020

Cosmeservice Special Black Friday Offer: 50% Off on the CPNP Notification

We have joined Black Friday with an unusual offer on our CPNP notification. During the rest of November the companies could get the CPNP with a discount of 50%. We…

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6 November, 2020

COSMESERVICE will attend Cosmoprof Asia “DIGITAL WEEK”.

From 9-13 November 2020, Cosmeservice will attend Cosmoprof Asia first-ever online event. A digital week where Cosmerservice will present its services to those looking for new business opportunities! A complete and easy…

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26 October, 2020


Cosmeservice, the Spanish expert in Safety and European Cosmetic Regulation, offers a free webinar to explain in detail the EU cosmetic labels requirements and offer examples of what is allowed…

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Regulación cosmética europea
23 September, 2020


Here we have a great opportunity for you. Are you tired of doing paperwork and not getting successful results in terms of cosmetic regulation? Don’t worry anymore. Cosmeservice can do…

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designing cosmetics
31 August, 2020

FREE WEBINAR: “DESIGNING COSMETICS: Compliance with EU & US markets”

With this Webinar, Cosmeservice will teach the key differences between the two world-renowned Regulations.

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